Cleaning time

Been awhile since I have written here.

Things going on in my world against my requests.

  1. Cox cable raised the charges past my disability benefits check budget. and disconnected. The apartment company won’t carry the discount as they used to.
  2. Where I worked cut hours and so I walked out and searching for additional income. This month ministry gifts have surpassed the amount of my last check
  3. Some people I depended on have made excuses when I ask for help in finding another place to live, as the apartments won’t take responsibility for a missed bug professional spraying and I dealt with bedbugs year and several months this and infested my mattress, sofa, and I have been sleeping on the floor on cushions and quilts till I move.
  4. Some of my family won’t speak to me. Otherwise the ministry God gave me is alive in my heart till I get connected with headquarters initiating my purpose. I do enjoy the letters and postings on WordPress. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Cleaning time

  1. This is a difficult period for you. Bedbugs are hard to get rid of for sure. A mattress zipper cover would protect and kill them off. Please find local Saint Vincent de Paul Society and/or Catholic Charities. They will help!!


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