The call

The nature and personality I have carried my life has been quiet and secret. When I entered college to teach music, it was work to see myself in a classroom presenting music to children. once I did, I was at home. That lasted until the administration decided their way was better and I get released. I substituted some time. In the quiet part of me grew a characteristic of writing and composing. Now a part of me, writing sermons on Facebook has touched a member of our family. It’s come easy to me. Sounds like people are needing encouragement and spiritual guidance. I knew GOD called me, its appearing in what shapes and places.

When I was 2, a virus attacked me with a 105 temp and convulsions. Daddy prayed in his heart Gods plan concerning me. God chose to heal me in exchange for a missionary/minister call. I never knew until about 45 years of age. He must have been waiting the right time. April 1st I made a full-time commitment with confidence that my Pastor knew. A peace has set , yet I am yet set with the place and position. My husband to be is yet with me. Patience.

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